Wood Fences - Learn why we use the best products

If you need a new Fence or Fence Replacement contact us to build your fence, you likely know that wood is one of the easiest materials to build a fence with. The natural beauty of a genuine wood fence is timeless. From stately wooden picket fences to simple split rail styles, installing a wood fence is as versatile a construction material as it is sturdy. We work with local fence suppliers that offer the best wood for homeowners in the whole DFW area.
With solid wood, you have multiple options for wood fence installation, including board on board, paddock and stockade style fencing. You can also add intricate latticework to the top of your wooden picket fence or a custom top with a unique geometrical pattern for added height. Let us help you create a style different from all the rest. Some of our favorite wooden fences include: western red cedar, pressure-treated southern yellow pine, oak and black locust.


Cedar Fence Pickets

Dog ear or Flat Top cedar fence pickets for new fence builds or fence repair. The unique picket design adds charm to your yard or garden. It is made of cedar for beauty, durability and natural resistance to rot and decay. These pickets can be painted or stained for complete customization.

Redwood Fence Pickets

Redwood cedar picket create a breathtaking first impression. Redwood cedar blends into the landscape creating a peaceful and relaxing natural outdoor living environment. With simple care and maintenance, your redwood fence and outdoor living structures will provide decades of excellence.


Pine Fence Pickets

This Pine pickets are for solid wood privacy Dog-Ear Fence pickets features a white appearance when first installed and will weather to a warm silver-gray. We can install fence panels that are constructed from spruce for durability and designed for security. These pickets are compatible with commercial and residential fences.

Pressure treated Fence Pickets

We only use pine picket that are pressure-treated unless told other wise. For long life and has a traditional dog-ear design that adds charm to almost any outdoor space. Ideal for any fence repair. Pressure-treated pickets protect against rot and decay.It can be painted or stained It has a limited lifetime warranty.

Elements to the Fence (included are some things if you are wanting a chain link)

    • 1. End Post Cap: Rounded cap used to protect end posts
    • 2. Brace Band: Used to hold the rail end in place
    • 3. Tension Band: Used to attach the chain link fence fabric to line posts and end posts
    • 4. Terminal Post: End, corner and gate posts
    • 5. Rail Cup: Holds the top rails and secures them to the terminal posts
    • 6. Tension Bar: Vertical bar that secures the chain link fabric to the tension bands and posts
  • 7. Tension Wire: Can be added to the bottom of a chain link fence to discourage animals from pushing underneath the fence
  • 8. Rail: Horizontal bar that spans the top of the fence
  • 9. Line Post Cap: Ringed cap that rests on top of the line posts and holds the rails
  • 10. Line Post Eye Top: Corrosion-resistant with a polished look, fits on top of line posts to help support rails
  • 11. Post: Vertical component, set in the ground, that provides the main support for the fence
  • 12. Concrete: Pourable mix hardens to provide strong support for the post
  • 13. Gravel: Small loose rock allows drainage
  • 14. Post Top: Decorative cap that adds a finished look to the fence
  • 15. Fastener: Galvanized or stainless steel nails, screws, and other hardware used to secure the fence components
  • 17. Pickets: Vertical panels that attach to the rails and provide screening
  • 18. Cross Rails: Horizontal elements that connect the posts and support the pickets